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bloggingHow to Start a Blog

Whether you want to blog for fun or for pay, there are a few key elements you’ll need to keep in mind. This lesson covers proper blog formatting, why starting a blog is a great idea, and what to do if you hate blogging.

freelance hobbyFreelancers VS. Hobbyists (Plus How to Build Your Portfolio)

What’s the difference between a freelancer and a hobbyist? And how do you go from being a hobbyist to a freelancer? This lesson has all the answers you need to distinguish yourself — as well as how to build your first freelance writing portfolio!

QueryingPitching, Querying, and LOIs

If you want to get your work published, you’re going to have to learn how to write to editors. Whether you’re asked to send in a pitch, a query, or a LOI — this lesson has you covered!

This page also includes a pitching template, just for you! As well as a big list of what not to do (with real rejected pitches from my editorial inbox!).

ResearchResearch and Interviews

This lesson teaches you how to research your writing, your clients (once you start working freelance!), and yourself.

You’ll also learn how to conduct interviews for your articles — and why interviews are a great addition to almost any piece!

ghostwritingGhostwriting 101

Writing without a byline (without your name) is a great way to earn some extra cash from your freelance writing career.

But what exactly is ghostwriting? And how can you build your writing career if your name isn’t on your articles? Read this lesson to get the answer to those questions!

ContractsContracts 101

I’m not a lawyer and this isn’t legal advice; however, this lesson covers the basics of client contracts.

You’ll also learn the warning sides of potentially “bad” clients.

shadyWriting Ethics 101

When you’re a freelance writer, you’ll need to uphold a certain code of conduct. In addition to writing well, you’ll also need to write ethically.

This page has a handy printout to help you remember the ten most basic rules of ethical writing.

so fastGot Writer’s Block?

The hardest part of writing is getting started… Especially if you have writer’s block!

This section has 25 suggestions to help you get over your writer’s block and GET WRITING!